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Our client a multinational organization with offices in several continents is urgently looking to fill vacancies for their operation at Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean Highland.



POSITION REPORT TO: Supervisor, Warehouse


  • Provides means for security, cleanliness, receipt, issue, and pest control of the dry provisions warehouse(s), cold storage warehouse(s), and the chill storage warehouse(s) to ensure it meets the minimum standards established in NAVSUP P-486.
  • Completes inventory validity worksheet for 40-line items validity checks (20 dries, 10 frozen, 10 chills) when required or at least monthly.
  • Prepares rough and smooth inventories.
  • Smooth inventory sheets as the last of each accounting period using NAVSUP Form 1059, Food Item Report/Master Code List.
  • Enter last receipt prices, extend the values, total each page, and recap the total.
  • Makes inventory adjustments when necessary.
  • Posts gains, losses, transfers, and consumed items to NAVSUP Form 335, Subsistence Ledger.
  • Performs various checks and balances to control inventories by using spot, breakout, and storeroom accurately.
  • Records receipts and expenditures, NAVSUP Form 367.
  • Computes subsistence endurance-based by using prescribed endurance levels (75 days) basic endurance levels (45 days), operating levels (30 days), ordering and shipping times (21 days) to establish high and low subsistence levels.
  • Receipts all items of subsistence received as to quantity and quality.
  • Checks all fresh and vegetable spoilage, dairy products for date of pack and expiration, and dry goods for signs of infestation.
  • Remove, isolate, or put on medical hold any obvious or suspected spoilage or damaged food items.
  • Must be able to work in extremely cold temperatures (- 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below) and stand for long periods.
  • Practices FIFO (First In – First Out) procedures.
  • Responsible for ensuring a safe, clean, sanitary, healthy, presentable, professional atmosphere, free of dust, clutter, and trash in all working facilities, areas, and grounds.
  • Performs other work-related duties as may be required.


BASIC JOB QUALIFICATIONS: (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs):

  • Thorough knowledge in the posting of items received, issued, inventory control systems (stock levels), and price extending procedures.
  • Proven ability to organize, prioritize, and follow through to completion on multiple tasks, under strict deadlines and changing priorities.
  • Must pass overseas medical screening and be in good health.
  • Must have a valid and be able to obtain driver’s license with restriction code (at least 2,3) and can operate Forklift Operator.


  • Food Sanitation Training


  • Must have at least a High School diploma, a Technical or Vocational School graduate is required.


  • Minimum of two (2) years’ experience in warehousing operations at Military Installation or equivalent civilian experience.

Basic terms of the job offer.

  • Assignment Duration: 12 months. Renewal subject to performance.
  • Base Monthly Salary: 48 hours per week minimum work requirement: $510.00 (based on 48 hr. work week requirement)
  • Working schedule: 48 hours per week (8 hours per day/6 days a week)
  • Payroll period: Monthly. Amount give take home.
  • Overtime: Work more than 8 hours per day or work performed on a rest day and/or holiday, will be paid as overtime at the base salary rate.
  • Accommodations: Housing, transportation, meals in-country, and laundry facilities are provided
  • Sick Leave: Employee will accrue 2.67 hours of sick leave for each full month of service, beginning with the completion of the first full month of Foreign Service employment.
  • Annual leave Up to 21 days paid at the end of each 12-month contract.
  • Travel will be provided by the employer to the employee’s home country.
  • Project Holidays: 10 paid public holidays.

Other requirements

  • Your Passport must be valid for at least 12 months, with at least 6 total blank visa pages remaining.
  • Your driver’s license must be valid for at least 6 months (unless processing for a CDL-required position, which will require 12 months remaining).
  • Updated covid and yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Medical exam report at a date to be advised.


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