HR Services Outsourcing

Are you looking to hire a Kenyan national or an expatriate for Kenyan market and or other markets in Africa? Don’t have a local office or not interested in that?  We offer employer of records service to local and foreign companies where we manage employee(s) and provide HR support on your behalf.  The outsourced staff is signed up and seconded for deployment.

With our comprehensive staff outsourcing service, our package includes the following.

  1. Issue contracts on your behalf:
  2. We recruit (where need be) and issue your employees with a contract under our name.
  3. We will process salaries, file taxes, and manage all statutory payments and reports.
  4. Ancillary services e.g., medical insurance cover, travel arrangements, insurance – we advise and handle this on your behalf so you can concentrate on your business.
  5. Payroll processing: We understand the complexities of local taxes and the filing of statutory returns. we also offer payroll management. More about our payroll processing services.
  6. Advice on labor Laws: As your local representative we shall advise and keep you updated on labor requirements and other pertinent legislation.